Application Savoury

Market Relevance

Many savoury applications are in the need of a vegetable protein source for egg-replacement as well as protein enrichment. Sunbloom can be used as a clean label emulsifier for vegan mayo and dressings, soup binder or as a nutritional ingredient in pasta!


  • High protein applications
  • Egg-replacement
  • Clean label recipes
  • Vegan, plant based
  • Excellent taste
  • Very good emulsifying properties
  • Texture improvement


  • Mayonnaise
  • Dressings
  • Pasta
  • Pasta filling
  • High protein soups

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Available products:

Vegan Mayo 45% oil

An egg-free mayonnaise, a concept that demonstrates the effectiveness of emulsifying and water-retention properties!


  • Smooth
  • Creamy
  • Acidic


Oil, water, white wine vinegar, sunflower protein, sugar, mustard, lemon juice, starch, salt, guar gum

Nutritional information

  • Energy (kJ): 1633.7
  • Energy (kcal): 396.7
  • Fat (g/100g): 41.5 | of which saturated (g/100g): 2.9
  • Carbohydrates (g/100g): 3.8 | of which sugar (g/100g): 2.6
  • Protein (g/100g): 1.6
  • Fiber (g/100g): 0.5
  • Salt (g/100g): 0.7

Produced in partnership with Lesieur


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81541 München


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