Functional and Natural -
Proteins from Sunflowers

Developed and patented in Germany whilst sourcing and production in Europe:
High quality sunflower protein from Sunbloom is the future proof ingredient for your application
Multifunctional, vegan, GMO free, European cultivated and naturally without allergens requiring labelling. 

Our highly functional and cost attractive sunflower proteins form the basis for enjoyable, high-quality food whilst supporting a conscious diet in harmony with nature.

Sunbloom – the new alternative protein

Native Functionality

Our patented manufacturing process is particularly gentle to avoid denaturation of the proteins and to preserve their versatile functionalities.

Free From

We don’t use genetic modification organisms (GMO) in our production and no allergen labelling is required for Sunbloom Sunflower protein. This makes Sunbloom an attractive alternative to other plant proteins.


Sunblooms bright colour and outstanding taste profile creates unique opportunities in the use of alternative proteins.