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Research and development at Sunbloom: 
Our experts will be happy to support your unique recipe and
applications requirements with the inclusion
Sunbloom sunflower protein.



High-tech und Top-Know-how

Our Sunbloom development team works closely with our shareholder and technology provider Fraunhofer IVV. This gives us access not only to in-depth know-how, built up over many years, in the use and processing of various vegetable and animal protein ingredients, but also to superbly equipped laboratories and pilot plants, such as test kitchens, milk, chocolate or baking pilot plants, and also to various extruders for the production of wet or dry extrudates as the basis for meat replacement products. 

State-of-the-art laboratory equipment and a specially trained sensory panel are available for analysis and evaluation.  

We would be pleased to support you in the development of tasty new or modified applications, for example with regard to: 

  • Sustainability 
  • Reduction in number of ingredients 
  • Conversion to clean label / free from (in particular allergens, GMO) 
  • Improvement of sensory 
  • Reduction of cost in use 
  • Optimisation of nutrient profile (e.g. through the use of protein blends) 


Sunbloom Sunflower Protein: excellent functionality for almost all food and beverage applications

Sunbloom delivers – as a single ingredient or in combination with other protein systems, the functionalities desired for your application, such as solubility, water absorption, viscosity, emulsification, or foaming. With its amino acid spectrum and valuable dietary fibres, Sunbloom contributes to the development of nutritionally high-quality products. In addition, the natural Sunbloom protein of European origin also supports your requirements regarding “free from & clean labelling” as well as sustainability. 

Meat Alternatives

The demand for meat replacement products and thus the requirements for their quality are increasing inexorably. Taste, structure, texture and appearance should be formulated as "true to the original" as possible, whilst being vegan. We would be happy to support you in optimally incorporating the advantages of Sunbloom into your application, such as  

  • Structure and texture enhancer with textured proteins, especially for minced meat products with excellent bite behaviour
  • Binding protein in sausage meat and sausage-like products with emulsifying texture and "body" giving texture in "spreadable" sausages and vegan alternative products 
  • Binders in "padded" products such as chicken nuggets   

Dairy Alternatives

Consumers are demanding an ever-increasing selection of good tasting and healthy milk substitutes.  

Sunbloom allows you to realize a wide variety of sunflower protein-based applications: 

  • Leverage the emulsifying properties to create pasteurized and sterilized milk-substitutes with superior taste   
  • Texture and structure formation through protein coagulation and liquid binding in fermented, creamy and spreadable products (e.g. cream cheese)  
  • Development of protein-enriched products including creamy desserts  
  • Ice cream and other frozen products with a creamy structure and pleasant melting properties


Sunbloom now offers a wide range of possibilities to use both nutritional and technological properties to develop added value in products for modern, trendy and enjoyable bakery products.  

We are happy to support you with 

  • Replacement or compensation of egg ingredients using the emulsifying, foaming and texturing properties  
  • The nutritional, taste or colour enhancement, especially of gluten-free products  
  • Texture and structure or nutritional-physiological balance in snack products and breakfast cereals   
  • The regulation of water binding properties to regulate humidity and freshness   
  • The improvement of adhesion and binding properties e.g. in bars  
  • Protein enrichment of baked goods in general 


Indulgence oriented products still have to convince primarily with taste and texture. Health aspects for variations in terms of higher protein content or reduction of other ingredients are nevertheless becoming more demanded. These aspects should be complementary. 

Sunbloom Protein offers you the possibility 

  • To formulate chocolate products with vegan protein content  
  • Spreads, creams and fillings alone or in combination with e.g. nut/cocoa products 
  • Other innovative confectionery products where protein enrichment or protein functionality is an added benefit


Savoury dishes, and components of are becoming increasingly more important.  

From ready meals to professional food service, Sunbloom supports your demanding texture and flavour requirements in terms of    

  • Allergen-free, creamy, binding in soups and sauces  
  • Clean label emulsification of vegan sauces and salad dressings ("mayonnaise")   
  • Texture and water binding in spreads with creamy to gel-like texture  
  • Protein source and texturiser in side-dishes
  • Ingredients of texturates in "veggie" burgers 

Health & Wellness

Consumers are increasingly paying attention to a healthy diet tailored to their individual needs. Proteins as cell building blocks, are an indispensable part of this. Sunbloom, with its natural protein ingredients including its wide range of essential and non-essential amino acids, opens exciting opportunities to offer consumers new products without ingredients such as gluten, dairy products or meat, which enhance their well-being.  

  • Benefit from our balanced spectrum of both essential and non-essential amino acids 
  • Formulate low fat - low carb - low sugar 
  • Enrich dietary fibres values