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Strategic Sourcing of Sunflower Kernels

You closely work together with our quality assurance and food technologist to improve the requirements regarding kernel selection for our production process, considering nutritional profile, functionality and food quality aspects.

Based on this, you will review and modify our supplier listing criteria and screen the market for suitable suppliers (both farers and producers), aiming at building long term relationships to ensure a robust, highly reliable and traceable raw material supply chain.

You are responsible for leading the supplier selection process including negotiation of frame contracts, performance measurement and supplier development.

Furthermore you will lead strategic projects related to raw material selection and sourcing in collaboration with universities and seed producers.

Business development Sunflower Oils

You will gather a deep understanding of edible oils in terms of its composition, nutritional benefits and market needs.

Based on this, you develop the sales side of our by oil by-products (both commodity raw oil and speciality native oils), identify new markets and customers in food markets, or – if applicable- other industries such as e.g. cosmetics.


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