Plant Based Protein

Vegan Products with Plant Based Protein

Products derived from plant based protein ingredients are a major trend. They are not only part of a vegetarian and vegan diet. Plant based protein products are also trendy with customers concerned with health, environmental and sustainability issues. One of the greatest expectations of consumers is that products made with plant protein such as Sunbloom sunflower protein imitate the familiar texture, bite and taste of their meat and dairy counterparts.

Why is plant based protein better?

Why plant based protein?

Sunbloom plant based protein provides sensory characteristics, stabilizing properties and neutral colour and taste for a variety of vegan food applications. Our protein is purely plant based, free of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and does not contain any allergens requiring labelling.

Plant Based Protein

What You Will

Satisfy consumers’ hunger for a plant based diet

Your consumers are hungry for meat-free and dairy-free food alternatives made from sustainable, nutritious plant based protein? Sunbloom provides know-how and application expertise for modifying your products or developing new ones based on plant protein. We’ll help you make the products your customers are hungry for.

Satisfy your consumers’ demands for nutritious proteins without disappointing their taste and senses. Sunbloom offers a wide range of possibilities to use both nutritional and technological properties to develop added value in tasty vegan and vegetarian products based on plant protein.

Structure and texture

Emulsifying properties

Can feel like meat

Neutral colour and taste


Can feel like dairy

Functional plant based protein with convincing taste and texture

  • Enhanced structure and texture, firm bite
  • Emulsifying properties
  • Neutral colour and taste-neutral
  • Vegan alternative with emulsifying, foaming and texturing properties
  • Desired mouthfeel of meat and dairy products
Sunbloom Plant Protein: Your Vegan Protein Source

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Thomas Stuchly, CEO and Founder Sunbloom GmbH